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Most fashion designers find their style as adults. But not the Lavender Girl. She was well on her way to becoming a trendsetting fashionista in grade school. Well, sort of... One day during show-and-tell, her teacher asked, "How many girls like pink?" -- all the girls raised their hands. Then the teacher asked, "How many boys like blue?" -- all the boys raised their hand. But there was one little lady who didn't raise her hand at all. The teacher walked up to the kid, sporting a colorful ensemble you can only get away with when you're seven and asked, "Why didn't you raise your hand?" The little girl shrugged, "'Cause my favorite color is purple."

And that's how Lavender Girl was born.

But she had a lot of growing up to do, and it wasn't until a generation later that she was really able to put her talent to the test with the help of her ultra-hip daughter, who runs the business side of the company. Like most artists and designers, the Lavender Girl finds much of her inspiration from life. But unlike most, she's actually lived it. When she was hanging out in the lilacs with her high-end hippie friends in the sixties, the big "IT" word was "Mod". And what was the one mod thing every fashionista wore to a Love In? Hellooo.... the headband. It's the superhero of accessories and although it can't leap tall buildings in a single bound, it can change the entire look of an outfit in seconds. Lavender Girl's inspiration for the headband is more than just something to keep your hair out of your face -- it is about the marriage of the hair accessory and the clothing you wear to create a new kind of look that is unique all to you. With the right accessory, you can be not only a ballerina or beach girl but chique and sophisticated as well.

Some of Lavender Girl's most popular styles are: The Bond Girl II double-strand headband, Goddess band, Feather headband, Bejeweled headband, Gem wraps -- which have velcro backs with gemstones. And we're really into anything braided right now. Our new "Swiss Miss" is totally adorable.

Lavender Gilrl headbands are price friendly, because we want you to spend your money on your hair -- not the accessories in them! From the bottom up, it's $3.50 for hair twists up to $62.00 for a Bejeweled headband. All of Lavender Girl's products are hand-dyed, and each color and fabric is created solely for us. You are one of a kind, so shouldn't the accessories you put in your hair be too?

The Lavender Girls

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